Tell Me About Yourself

"Tell me about yourself."

One of the most common, and in my opinion, most hated interview questions.

But since this isn't a job interview, let's have some fun with it.

Here are some of the most important things you need to know about me.

  • I'm a natural born entrepreneur.  Seriously.  As a little girl, when I played house, I'd drop my dolls at "daycare" and then go off to work, which more often than not involved running my own business.  Sometimes it was an ice cream shoppe (need the '-pe' at the end!), sometimes a restaurant, sometimes I ran the daycare.  I even remember running an employment agency.  I'm pretty sure that was inspired by an episode of A Different World
  •  In that vain, I'm a total TV Junkie.  Here are some of my favorites, now and as a kid.

  • Those were just a handful.  Why does Ms. Mary Tyler Moore get the focus?  I'm not sure why I loved Mary Richards so much.  Maybe her complete and total independence.  Maybe her generally sunny outlook.  Maybe it was just her theme song.  I used to love this show when it was on Nick at Nite.  (Ya know, back when Nick at Nite actually played classic television.)  To this day, when I'm having a particularly awesome day, I still say something like "Today is so awesome.  I just want to throw my beret in the sky, Mary Tyler Moore style!"  Of course, this is a completely metaphorical statement.  I don't wear hats.

  •  I try to keep my  outlook and personality as positive as possible.  I 100% believe in the Law of Attraction, and that the life I'm living right now is the life I've created for myself.  I can't wait until the life I'm currently creating is manifested!  
  • By day, I work in corporate finance.  It's a good living and I enjoy it.  However, I also enjoy running my own Mary Kay business.   I'm getting my money's worth on that MBA!
  • I love to visit and explore new cities.  I'm open to suggestions!

Now that I've told you about myself, feel free to share some tidbits about you.  Or, feel free to ask me anything I might have missed.  (There's a lot, I'm sure!)  You can contact me by e-mail 24/7.

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